4th May 2016

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Hiring the space:

When you hire TADAH for your event you are guaranteed:
emma teaching TADAH 3 hoop frame

1. A safe, beautiful, and tranquil environment for you and your workshop participants, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.
2. Airport transfers to and from Antalya airport for you and all your participants. We arrange private transfers of two people at a time, not exceeding a waiting time of 1.5h ensuring a relaxed travel experience. There is the option of individual transfer for an additional costs of 40€, paid upon arrival at TADAH.
3. Three delicious organic (whenever possible) vegetarian meals freshly prepared each day.
4. 24-hour access to the Training studio, which is cleaned daily to maintain a hygienic environment.
5. One excursion to either the beach, a beautiful lake/ancient ruins, or a hike to a gorgeous canyon, allowing you to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings.
6. Total capacity of 25 people, including teachers, for accommodation.
7. One sauna night with the option for additional nights at a small additional cost.
8. Access to all facilities, including the pool, gardens, and the cozy common chill-out area.
9. Free WiFi throughout the retreat center.
10. A hand painting session, where you and your participants can leave your traces at Tadah.
11. Optional tree planting ceremony, where the workshop group can plant a tree at Tadah, symbolizing growth and connection with nature.
12. The event package includes an arrival day (including dinner buffet) and departure day (including breakfast buffet) on either side of the event, giving your group the opportunity to arrive the day before, enjoy the full event, and leave the following day.
13. We will provide you with the “Tadah Information Pack” to send to your participants. This pack includes information on what to bring, visa details for Turkey, local area highlights if participants wish to explore Antalya before or after the event, and other useful information.
14. Suggested meal times (subject to negotiation) to help you build your timetable around the retreat activities.
15. We will share a link to a transfers form for your participants to fill in, enabling us to coordinate airport transfers seamlessly.
16. Your event will be listed on our website and Facebook page, ensuring visibility to potential attendees.
17. Flexibility: If you have any special wishes, ideas, or plans for your time here, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them.

NOT included:
– Flights to Antalya
– Alcohol

TADAH is available to hire from 01st April to 01st July and 01. September to 15st November as this is when the weather is perfect.

TADAH is available for hire for a minimum of 5-6 day events (plus arrivals and departure day)

TADAH is flexible though so please put your specific requirements in the form below.

Current availability:


(A) 31thAug-03th September 2024 – Nefes Kampı

(A) 10th-16th September 2024 – Motion Impulse – Emmet Luis and Mikael Kristiansen intermediate

(A) 18th-24th September 2024 – Motion Impulse – Emmet Luis and Mikael Kristiansen advanced

(A) 28th September-04th October 2024 – TADAH /J-Fest Afterparty

(A) 10th-15th October 2024 – Hoola Hoop Retreat

(A) 18th-22th October 2024 – DIP Masterclass

(B) 24th-31th October 2024 – Free Slot

(B) 02th-07th November 2024 – Tadah Flamenko Kampı


In 2024 we are have different prices for the prime times (A) and the off-peak time-slots(B).

Spring session:

(B) 06th -10th March 2024 – Intimicy Now

(A) 18th -23th April 2024 – Free Slot

(A) 24th -30th April 2024 – Free Slot

(A) 01th- 08th May 2024 – Free Slot

(A) 12th-19th May 2024 –  Aerial Retreat

(A) 22th-27th May 2024 – Free Slot

(A) 30th May- 04th June 2024 – German Hoop Retreat

(A) 07th-12th June 2024 – Hoola Hoop ATT

(B) 26th June -30st June 2024– DIP

Autumn Session:

(A) 23thAug-02th September 2024 – TADAH Flamko Summer Camp

(A) 13th-19th September 2024 – Motion Impulse – Emmet Luis and Mikael Kristiansen advanced

(A) 21th-27th September 2024 – TADAH at the J-Fest (Turkish Juggling Convention)

(A) 28th September-04th October 2024 – TADAH /J-Fest Afterparty

(A) 07th-14th October 2024 – Free Slot

(A) 18th-21th October 2024 – Free Slot

(B) 24th-31th October 2024 – Free Slot

For tight budgets please ask us for information about non-exclusive events during the off-peak time-slots.

Please fill out the following form to receive a quote:

Till at TADAH will handle your requests and is happy to receive your applications in English, German, Turkish or Spanish

Holding fee

TADAH require a 10% non-refundable holding deposit to secure the space for your event.
50% of the total hire price must be paid 6 month before the event.
The full cost must be paid 1 month before the event start date.
A payment plan can be arranged.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the difficulty of finding a last minute replacement you will only receive a full refund of your payment (minus the 10% holding deposit) if you cancel your event hire 5 months prior to your hire start date.

If you can find a replacement organiser that wishes to run their event on your cancelled week then you can receive your full refund (minus the 10% holding deposit). In the case that a replacement is found by TADAH then you will also be refunded. This is not guaranteed.