10th May 2016

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Welcome to Paradise!



TADAH has a beautiful natural pool.  Cleaned by the fish that live in the pool there’s no need for chlorine.   It’s akin to having a private swimming lake.

(Till just told me it’s not as simple as ‘the fish clean the pool’, get him to explain it properly when you get here! :P)

The pool depth is 1.10-1.85m Pool so most adults can stand in half of it.

The partly shaded poolside deck is the perfect place to read your book, relax after a swim, enjoy the sounds of the garden or, if you must, even do some work given the wifi works by the pool and the studio

(I’m actually making this webpage now while lying on the deck! Best office EVER! :P)

pool pic Juliane


– Permaculture gardens
– Sun deck
– Rest areas


Just when I thought TADAH couldn’t get any better, Till decides to build a sauna! A newer edition to the paradise that is TADAH is the wonderful Sauna. The outside is constructed from all recycled materials. Tucked away to the side of the pool, perfect for throwing yourself in after some time in the sauna 🙂

The sauna will be on one evening of your event (included in your hire fee). If you want extra nights there will be a small fee.

Sauna collage